Our software links every aspect
of your company's operations to
its ESG goals, enabling your
entire business to be geared
towards both profitability and
positive impact.


What is

APLANET is ESG technology for decision making
Our ESG management and analysis tech platforms helps and supports companies to:
organise, measure, analyse and report their ESG data in a customised, efficient and cost-effective way
have a reference source of information in the sustainable development ecosystem
extract insights that enable them to establish data-driven strategies to optimise their business decisions, accelerate and lead change and maximise their positive impact on stakeholders.
Our software connects the entire value chain of the company to its ESG goals and enables the entire company architecture to be geared towards business and positive impact.


Transform your organization into a trailblazer of sustainability with our state-of-the-art ESG technology Utilize this advanced platform to effectively mitigate risks and fully comprehend the impact of your operations across all aspects of your business. Streamline administrative tasks, track progress and report using international standards for optimal performance

Popular Features

Automate data-requests
Gather information from multiple sources (inside and outside your organization)
Data ownership
API Integrations
Securely store evidence


Collect data on energy consumption, emissions and other environmental factors Analyze the data to understand their carbon footprint Identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to reduce emissions Continuously monitor and measure progress to optimize their carbon footprint Generate reports that comply with different global standards and regulations.

Popular Features

Data collection
Carbon footprint analysis
Emission reduction planning
Continuous monitoring and measurement
Compliance and reporting capabilities

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Easily integrate sustainability into your business operations with our user-friendly tools and dedicated support team. APLANET makes it simple to take the first step towards a more sustainable future.
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“APLANET's tool saves me time from chasing people and allows me to spend it on analyzing the collected information, which is the most important function. As an analyst, the time I spend requesting information is not useful; my time should be spent analyzing or questioning the data to see if it makes sense. Therefore, the benefit of the platform has been huge."

Cristina Silva,
Senior Environmental Analyst at Globo Group.

"The value that APLANET brought us was more than just the technology itself, but the tool offered us a more strategic way of approaching sustainability."

Felix Zamora,

"APLANET's tool is giving us the opportunity to interact much more on sustainability issues with different stakeholders within the organization from different divisions. Now we know exactly who has the information and how to structure it. Also, the platform has allowed us to unify concepts and permeate them from top to bottom."

Gabriela Martin,
Global Risk and Compliance at Dominion.

"The main advantage that the platform brings is the organization of the data in one place with a constant backup, in the sense that you have the data protected. If you don't have a platform like this, you will inevitably fall into the hands of an Excel spreadsheet. It is very common that the files are moved around or eventually get overwritten, weakening its consistency and compromising the integrity of the information.”

Paulo Roscoe,
Head of institutional relations and ESG at Hospital Care.