Account Manager


We’re looking for a talented Account Manager to join our growing team. 

APlanet is an award-winning startup on a mission to help organisations manage and improve their sustainability performance, be in control of their data and processes, and have tools to incorporate Sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria into their strategy, as well as increasing the social and environmental value their organisations bring to society. We do this by empowering professionals and teams with our powerful SaaS platform and revolutionary technology, to streamline processes and data management, and apply the full potential of data insights and information analytics. 

APlanet already helps more than 100 organisations in 6 countries to manage their sustainability.

You will be part of the Customer Success team, fundamental to APlanet’s growth, ensuring that our customers achieve their goals with APlanet and watching over their happiness metrics. You will have a unique opportunity to work with the best professionals in an emerging sector that is here to stay.

What we look for

  • We are looking for a person to take care of our clients in one or more geographies, sectors or other segmentation, who is obsessed with driving them to success and achieving their goals with APlanet. For that you will need to:
    • Establish, measure and monitor their success and happiness metrics.
    • Collaborate across APlanet teams, use resources and take necessary steps to ensure the health of these metrics.
    • Proactively communicate with customers, to always take them to the next level.
  • Experience in sustainability and/or ESG data would be an asset.
  • Experience in SaaS and/or B2B SaaS companies. Interest in technology products and technology innovation is a plus.
  • Excellent communication skills, empathy, and ability to deal with internal teams as well as customers. 
  • Ownership, obsession for providing the greatest possible value to customers and having satisfied users.
  • A high level of English is required, and experience in other languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, others) is a plus.
  • A person with high motivation, who aligns themselves with our mission and our way of working.


What we offer


  • This is a key position at APlanet, reporting to the highest level of management.
  • Autonomy and leadership to make your own (and data-driven) decisions.
  • Career plan and professional growth.
  • Flexible working hours. Work-life balance.
  • We are looking for someone to join us on our journey to grow APlanet, so we are always open to listen to your needs and consider how we can meet them.


Why APlanet

At APlanet we have a mission: supported by technology, we want all organisations (companies, institutions, groups) across the globe to put sustainability and ESG criteria at the centre of all their strategic decisions. In this way, we will be able to improve their positive environmental and social impact and build a better world. Working at APlanet, we feel that what we do every day has a purpose and adds value.


APlanet is a growing startup. Today we already have a large customer base, with activity in 6 countries, and are a multinational and diverse team. The growth we expect to see this year and beyond is even greater. You will be working in a growing and dynamic industry where innovation is necessary and continuous.


At APlanet we are all growing as professionals and people every day. We are a team in which we learn from each other and prioritise the growth of every colleague, bringing value to our customers, and creating positive impact for the planet.


Hiring process

Send us an email with your CV to [email protected]. We would like to know why you are interested in joining APlanet and what you can bring to the team with your experience, ideas or passion. Our team will conduct three interviews:


  • The first interview will be an informal meeting by phone or video conference. 
  • The second interview will focus more on your experience and specific questions about the role of Account Manager. We will learn more about you and also give you more information about APlanet and how we work.
  • And finally, we will arrange an interview with 2 members of our management team.


We will give you timely feedback after every step of the hiring process. For us it is very important that we continue to build a team that is happy and excited to work together. To this end, we will ensure that we share expectations throughout the process so that collaboration will be beneficial for all.

Sounds good? Get in touch!

Contact us at [email protected]. We try our best to respond to each candidate in a timely manner, however, depending on the volume of applications, it may not always be possible.