If you want to generate real impact through your social initiatives, but you don’t have a tool that allows you to create, manage, measure and report what you do.


Community is for you!

All of this from an intuitive admin platform and a nice app for users.

How Community Works

You are the Leader!

Turn your organization into a CSR role model, creating social and enviromental initiatives that positively impact your community. Improve people´s lives with a tool that is in the palm of their hands.


Invite members of your institution to join your network and participate in initiatives created by you, or other entities associated with Aplanet, help your community and change the world.

Contribute to the SDGs

Create and manage social action initiatives aligned with the 17 Sustainability Development Goals adopted by the United Nations.


Give people the opportunity to be part of peace and prosperity for people and planet, now and into the future.

Empower the Society

Build a community devoted to the planet, empower those in your network to generate impact and collaborate with other organizations in your area, becoming an agent of society´s transformation.


Encourage your volunteers to be active through rankings, create a culture of social commitment giving recognition to the most participative. Boost competition among your volunteers and let them propose to your network, those initiatives that they care the most.

Reports and Evolution

Manage everything from the admin panel. You can create reports and follow the evolution of your initiatives.

Cloud based solution to create initiatives, check participants, communicate with them, see the impact you are making and generate powerful reports.

Admin your social action program from one place, anytime, wherever you are.

Be the change, get your Social CV

Society puts constant pressure on organizations to show their Social Responsibility through clear and measurable strategies, consumers are currently basing their purchase decisions on how aligned their values ​​are with those of the company that they are clients with.


This pressure forces entities to be more responsible every day and therefore, it is necessary for citizens to prove their social conscience, since those companies look for employees who share their same values.


Community allows you to create your own Social CV and improve not only your background in volunteering, contribution to the SDGs and acquiring in skills, but also to increase your chances of obtaining jobs in companies committed to our Planet.

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Community Benefits

The most powerful way to engage your community.

Track the impact you make.

Enpower individuals through the app.

Collaborate with NGOs.

Create your own responsible Profile.

Aplanet Support

Dedicate KAM (Key Account Manager).

Set up support.

Activation on field.

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Success Story: Benfica's Food Collection for Mozambique

Benfica moved broadly to help after Cyclone Idai devastated Mozambique. Lead by the Benfica foundation and supported by Aplanet solutions, 138 Tons of food were collected.

After the tragedy, Casas do Benfica, football soccer schools, entrepreneurs, educational establishments, other organizations and sports clubs activated a broad national mobilization for the collection and delivery of canned food.