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Create an Equality Commitee

To achieve the principles of equality plans, You have to create an equality committee, which will monitor the negotiation and correct implementation of the plan in our organization, and more important, will make the diagnosis of your current state of equality.


Involve your company into your equality plan. Create different KPI´s in order to fulfill those objectives that your stakeholders care the most.



Design and Execute your Plan

Once the equality committee has been created and the organization’s commitment to achieve the proposed objectives is confirmed, it is time to create our plan.


With our current diagnosis, it is possible to know which is the point from which the company should start moving.

Our system will allow you to create activities that will positively impact your metrics, helping you achieve your objectives in record time.


Follow your KPI´s evolution  with our quantitative and qualitative management tools, analyze at any time your plan´s behavior, adjust your actions and reach your goals.

Evaluate and Improve

Finally, with the impact data generated by your equality plan, our tool will allow you to carry out a thorough evaluation and report the actual result of its implementation.


Identify each of the objectives that you had marked as relevant, evaluate their evolution individually and report their impact on the total result of generating equality within your company.


It will also give you suggestions that will help you improve the state of equality within the company in the long term.

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European Directive has always been looking to achieve gender equality, some of the legal basis are set on Articles 19, 79, 83, 157,159 and 168 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU)  More Info!


National parliaments from members states have been introducing these articles into their national laws and is now mandatory for a large set of companies:

Are you from another country and you would like to know what law affects  you?




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