Measure the impact you are making.

“you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” that’s a great truth in any process; in CSR, social action and sustainability too!

Using most advance findings on the field, our technology makes impact measurement easy.


Aplanet Impact is a platform that allows organizations to measure and manage their social and environmental impact in a very easy way.


The platform is theory of change driven and leans on different methodologies to analyze impact.

SROI: a principles-based method for measuring extra-financial value.
OUTCOME HARVESTING: collects evidence of what has changed and determines whether and how an intervention has contributed to these changes.

LBG: is the global standard for measuring corporate community investment and philanthropy. LBG’s measurement framework is used by organisations around the world to effectively measure, report and communicate their social contributions and investments. (Consultancy)

IRIS: the generally accepted system for measuring, managing, and optimizing impact. (Consultancy)

Integrated in Our Tools

The Aplanet Impact tool is integrated in both products, Community and Suite. 

Create and Manage Initiatives
Manage all your Non financial information.

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Follow International Standards

Aplanet is prepared to manage data points from world’s most important standards.

Global Reportive Initiative
Sustainable Development Goals
Integrated Reporting
Sustainability Accounting Standards Board