Materiality Analysis

Get strategic about your social responsibility. Aplanet’s Materiality tool allows you to run materiality analyses easier and more powerful than ever before.


Our tool easily guides you through the materiality assessment process helping to save time by reducing administrative workload. 


Improve competitive advantage and understand where you are versus your competition at any given moment.


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How Materiality Works


Our easy-to-use and customizable platform provides agility to all stages of your organization’s sustainability program including the materiality analysis phase. With Aplanet’s materiality functionalities you will be able to conduct all of the following tasks in a simple and streamlined fashion:


Gather information.

Determine stakeholders.

Establish sustainability indicators.


Engage stakeholders through internal and external surveys.

Rank sustainability indicators.

Easily generate your company’s materiality matrix.

Monitor & Report

Safely store company information.

Create state-of-the-art and personalized reports.

Our Value

Make more sense of your efforts

Systematically screen every aspect and stakeholder opinion to define the activities that really matter to your organization.

Center your efforts on core topics

Invest time, budget and resources impacting on priority issues.

Seamless and powerful

Acquire a deep understanding of your environment dynamics with little to no effort.

Anyone can use it

Our tool provides an easy-to-follow path to guide your through the materiality process. Powerful for experts and easy for newcomers


SasB Standards

Identify the relevant issues that matter to your organization based on the SASB international standard.    

Active Listening

Identify the issues that are mostly talked about within your industry with the latest active listening tools. 

GOI Surveys

Send out state-of-the-art surveys to validate the relevant issues with external stakeholders.

Internal Surveys

Send surveys validate the issues and seek approval with internal stakeholders.

A 360º view of your social responsibility


Enter all your competitors and the tool will automatically screen their activity

Internal and external stakeholders

Run surveys that are specifically designed for each target.

Public opinion

Understand what is being said in the press and on social media. 

Industry standards

SASB sectors analysis to further enrich your understanding.

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