carbon footprint

Carbon footprint: what it is, how it is calculated and how to reduce emissions

CO₂ emissions per unit of GDP, also known as global carbon intensity, fell by 0.5% in 2021. This is a…

6 months ago


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Metaverse and sustainability: friends or foes?

With the ongoing development of the new technological paradigm, the metaverse, new questions and dilemmas arise: Will it be a…

11 months ago

The importance of a sustainable supply chain

The supply chain has a huge impact on the environment. It is common for the supply chain to have significant…

1 year ago

What does it mean to be Climate Positive?

In a world where more and more organisations are joining the fight against climate change, companies are taking the initiative…

1 year ago

5 ways in which your company can take climate action

The existence of climate change cannot be denied. Its effects can be seen every day: heat waves, fires, droughts, floods,…

1 year ago