CSRD Directive: What changes does it bring for business?

The CSRD or Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive is one of the cornerstones of the European Green Deal and represents a…

2 weeks ago


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Due Diligence: The Corporate Sustainability Imperative

Due diligence has become a fundamental guide for companies. As a collective, companies have a duty to protect human rights.…

4 months ago

European Green Deal: objectives and initiatives for a sustainable future

The European Union has made it a priority to combat climate change in the coming decades. To respond to this…

5 months ago

Guide to ESMA’s Sustainable Finance Roadmap 2022-2024

In the economic sector there are a series of bodies that are in charge of regulating stakeholder actions and involvement.…

11 months ago

Due Diligence Guide

The EU economy links workers around the world through a global value chain, and as such it has the responsibility…

12 months ago