net zero

GHG Emissions: reduction and reporting as an opportunity for companies

GHG emissions or greenhouse gas emissions are one of the main environmental concerns of our time. As society becomes increasingly…

3 months ago


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Net Zero Guide

Addressing the environmental impact of your business is essential to the success and longevity of your business model, regardless of…

4 months ago

COP27 summary for businesses: everything you need to know

The 27th edition of the climate summit took place in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt from 6 to 18 November. This…

6 months ago

European Green Deal: objectives and initiatives for a sustainable future

The European Union has made it a priority to combat climate change in the coming decades. To respond to this…

7 months ago

What is Net Zero and how to achieve it: strategies to reach net zero emissions

Global warming is the greatest threat looming over humanity. Avoiding or, at least, reducing its impact requires complying with international emission reduction agreements . These pacts,…

8 months ago

Webinar: Net zero & tackling scope 3 emissions

About this Webinar Eight-Associates and APlanet hosted a joint online event to discuss the GHG Protocol and tackling emissions. Scope 3…

1 year ago

Corporate sustainability: what happened in 2021?

Government policies introduced in 2021 will have long-lasting effects on corporate sustainability. It became clear during the COVID-19 pandemic that…

1 year ago