SFDR: what is it and how does it affect your organisation?

What is the SFDR regulation? What does it mean for businesses? This article will take a detailed look at the…

3 months ago


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Sustainability as a strategy

About this ATalk Gualter Crisostomo, Co-Founder of Innovathon, Entrepreneur, Mobilizer of the SDGs and the UN 2030 Agenda, Facilitator of…

4 months ago

Sustainability: where do we currently stand?

About this ATalk Ed Packshaw, Director of Governance & Sustainability in the consultancy firm Rivel is the guest speaker in…

4 months ago

Managing risks: a financial perspective of the ESG landscape

About this ATalk Alicia RubĂ­, Sustainability Strategy Partner at Attalea Partners, is our guest speaker in this episode of ATalk.…

6 months ago

Practical guide for the preparation of your Non-Financial Report

In this guide we offer all the relevant information and key tips to help your organization with the preparation of…

6 months ago

Sustainable Finance Regulatory Landscape

Introduction to sustainable finance regulation Since 2015, the financial landscape has seen a marked shift towards a more pro-ESG stance,…

11 months ago

Nature-related risks in practice: a closer look at the TNFD

What is the TNFD? The TNFD is the Taskforce for Nature-related Financial Disclosures. It is a body of organisations, groups…

11 months ago