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Sustainability indicators: definition, types of KPIs and their use in the sustainability plan 

Sustainability indicators are a must for companies. Over the years, environmental concerns have grown. These organisations have a lot to…

8 months ago


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Going full circle: regenerative and circular economy

The global challenges faced this decade, such as climate change, the biodiversity crisis or the erosion of social cohesion, require…

9 months ago

Forced Labor and Modern Forms of Slavery

Although slavery is illegal in the 21st century in all the world’s countries, it is still practiced today. Forced labour…

12 months ago

How to incorporate health into the workplace

Work-related health risks The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is celebrated every 28th of April. It provides…

1 year ago

The “S” in ESG

Today more than ever, companies have to take the social aspect of ESG (environmental, social and governance) into account. This…

1 year ago