Easily manage all of  non financial information.

Gather all your data engaging with internal and external stakeholders.

Manage this information, check its evolution, calculate impact, footprint… and build your report following the highest global standarts. All in one tool!

How Suite Works

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Powerful tool

Easy information gathering

Fill up data in an easy to use interface, request info to colleagues and external stakeholders. Follow your requests and get all the info you need.

Import information

Import your information from excel, csv… any format you currently use. Connect other information sources through API.

Collaborate with your team and colleagues

Invite as much collaborators as you wish seting up different permissions.

Prepare audit and make it easier

Set up data gathering metodology and store evidences (invoices, report…). Grant access to Auditors to validate data.

Manage your company complexity

Gather and manage information at diferent level (group, market, offices, region…).

0 error system

Each data point get through our system. If value seems odd, alert is displayed.

Highly customizable

Define your set of data

Set up the tool to manage any set of data, from international standart such as GRI to adhoc KPIs and personalized information.

Set up your standard

Define the unit you want to use. Get information from different markets working in different units and unified it on your own unit.

Define what each user can do and see

Grant different permissions at indivual level to keep the control of your process and your information.

Follow your organization structure

Define your company structure and select the level of detail you want to work on.

Information Gathering was never so easy

API integrations

Need to integrate data from other sources? We’ll connect all your current platforms so you can easily access it all in one place. 

Define data ownership

Colleague or providers: Let the owner of each data point to fill the information directly in the tool

Request information

Send request to data owner in their language and provide them an easy way to fill the information

Follow info gathering process

Get visibility on pending requests, missing info and send reminders.

Check responses

Have a look of the responsive before accepting any data.

Data consolidation

Information from different sources and/or differente time frame can be summed up.

Generate Reports

Preview your set of data

Check all the information you gathered and once everything is right, create your report!

Easy to use

UI & UX teams worked hard to make this tool intuitive.


Manage all the complexity of your organization and create state of the art report.


Prepared to be used by SMB and multinationals, to manage historial data of several years.

Consultants support

Our experts get your back in case you need it.

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Manage all information in one place.

Gather information from suppliers, colleagues and stakeholders.

Integrate information from any source.

Store evidences & methodology.

Compare data evolution.

Powerful dashboarding feature.

Follow International Standards

Aplanet Suite is prepared to manage data points from world’s most important standards.

Global Reportive Initiative
Sustainable Development Goals
Integrated Reporting
Sustainability Accounting Standards Board