Non Financial Report

Easily gather all the needed information and produce your report.


No need to be a CSR or sustainability expert:

do it yourself in no time!

Do it yourself easily!

Information Gathering was never so easy

Define data ownership

Colleague or providers: Let the owner of each data point to fill the information directly in the tool

Request information

Send request to data owner in their language and provide them an easy way to fill the information

Follow info gathering process

Get visibility on pending requests, missing info and send reminders.

Check responses

Have a look of the responsive before accepting any data.

Data consolidation

Information from differences sources and/or differente time frame can be summed up.

Generate Reports

Preview your set of data

Check all the information you gathered and once everything is right, create your report!

Easy to use

UI & UX teams worked hard to make this tool intuitive.


Manage all the complexity of your organization and create state of the art report.


Prepared to be used by SMB and multinationals, to manage historial data of several years.

Consultants support

Our experts get your back in case you need it.

We get your back!

Set-up support

Initial configuration is made by our team of technicians to get the tool 100% prepared for your specific needs.

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What does the law say?

European directive sets the general framework.

National laws can define more strict criteria on affected entities or on processes to follow and information to include.

Affected organizations

  • >500 employees
  • public interest organization
  • Supplier of above organizations

in some countries, limit have been defined as

>10 employees

Data to report

  • Environmental matters
  • Social matters
  • Governance matters

In most stricts laws, requirement is up to

600 data points

Best Practices

Companies in some countries that do not yet have laws that regulate the presentation of non-financial information, are including the Sustainability Reports in their Annual Statements as a tool of good business practices, seeking to align with other pioneer nations on this issue.

Do you have any question?

Our experts knows the law in each market and can help you to know if you are affected and/or how to report your information