Sustainability Reporting in Brazil

Know the obligations and good practices of Brazilian companies regarding CSR and Sustainability. 


Currently there is no specific law that compels all companies to present their Sustainability Reports, but there are some sectors that are leading the Country in this matter.

State Law

Law N. 13.303 / 2016, the law says that all public or mixed capital companies must disclose an integrated or sustainability report annually. 


These companies are flagships in Brazil and they must generate positive impact in society. By presenting Sunstainability Reports they show publicly their commitment and actions towards a better and more equal society.

ANEEL Reports

ANEEL – Brazilian Energy Regulatory Agency – Has a report model for the electricity sector called Aneel Report. Very simple, mostly covered by the GRI protocol.


In 2007 ANEEL established the obligation of electric sector companies to present their Annual Social Report (Empresa Cidadã) which is verified by the Economic and Financial Supervision Superintendence (SFF).


Electricity companies are required to send this report to ANEEL.

Finance Sector

This Brazilian Central Bank resolution states that all companies in the sector should focus on social and environmental initiatives and policies, especially regarding credit risks.


The Sustainability Index of the Brazilian Stock Exchange, invite open capital companies to participate in the questionnaire to enter the ISE Index every year. The questions cover social, environmental and economic dimensions.

National Waste Policy (PNRS)

Law No. 12,305 / 10 establishes the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS)  and contains important instruments to help the country to advance in addressing the main environmental, social and economic problems arising from the inadequate management of solid waste.


Major companies in Brazil should comply with these policies not only because the positive impact generated in the enviroment, but in order to focus on the 2030 Agenda on the UN with the SDGs.

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