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Through ESG

"Companies have discovered that sustainability is a competitive advantage that transforms into economic benefit. At APLANET, we want to be the strategic tech partner that accompanies and helps them on the road to profitable triple impact business models, allowing them to analyse and manage through our platform, valuable ESG data to achieve their goals".
Johanna Gallo,
CEO & Cofounder of APLANET

APLANET is innovation and technology with purpose.

APLANET was born with the vocation to innovate by providing a solution to a need, accompanying change-oriented companies in the digital and sustainable transformation through technology, while generating a positive impact on the planet and on people.

As an innovative and committed company, we want to contribute to the paradigm shift and drive the growth and evolution of companies, through an ESG data management and analysis tech platform that relies on the power of data and the connection of the entire value chain.

We are a transparent, efficient and connected solution, aligned with strategic business objectives in favour of sustainable development, technology that analyses and automates the processing of non-financial information in an efficient, qualitative and secure way, accelerating and making ESG decisions profitable.

Our Technology

APLANET is technology for decision making

Our ESG management and analysis tech platform helps and supports companies to:
organise, measure, analyse and report their ESG data in a customised, efficient and cost-effective way
have a reference source of information in the sustainable development ecosystem
extract insights that enable them to establish data-driven strategies to optimise their business decisions, accelerate and lead change and maximise their positive impact on stakeholders.

APLANET is synonymous with connection and digital humanism.

Our software connects the entire value chain of the company to its ESG goals and enables the entire company architecture to be geared towards business and positive impact.

Our Company

APLANET: the strategic tech partner of the new leaders.

An ally in the processes of transformation towards profitable triple bottom line models, which accompanies and engages with companies, enabling them to accelerate and monetise their decisions in a precise manner and contributing to making their purpose possible through a technological platform for the management and analysis of ESG data.
Present today in 6 countries (Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, UK and Brazil), APLANET was born in 2019 in Spain, fruit of the talent and commitment of its co-founders to innovation and change.
APLANET is the sum of a diverse and committed team of professionals who believe in the power of technology as a driver of change and who work every day to drive positive impact in organisations.

Our Products


SUSTAINABILITY is technology that connects the entire value chain with the organisation's ESG goals, allowing your company to organise, measure, analyse and report your ESG Data in a personalised, efficient and profitable way and to extract insights to establish data-driven strategies that optimise your business decisions and maximise your positive impact on stakeholders.


NEUTRALITY is a tool designed to help organizations manage their carbon footprint and reduce their impact on the environment.
It calculates the CO2 generated from various activities and provides insights and suggestions for reducing these emissions.
The software may track different sources such as energy use, transportation, waste, and others.
NEUTRALITY enables companies’ mission to achieving NET ZERO and keep on growing.