We’re looking for a talented Full-Stack Developer to join our growing team. 

APlanet is an award-winning startup on a mission to help organisations manage and improve their sustainability performance. We do this by empowering sustainability and CSR professionals and teams with innovative software tools that allow them to increase the social and environmental value their organisations bring to society.

You will be part of the Product and Technology to bring to life stunning products that solve needs and provide value to our customers.

You will have a unique opportunity to work with top professionals within an emerging sector that is here to stay.

Our stack

We have a modern stack with no legacy code (for now!).

We use these frameworks because we think they are the most appropriate to solve our client’s challenges in their journeys to become more sustainable. Having said that, our stack is a team decision and we are always open to different opinions and approaches.

Frontends / PWAs

  • React
  • React Hooks
  • Redux
  • Redux-loop
  • Ant-design
  • Ant-design mobile

Backend & Infrastructure

  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • Knex
  • PostgreSQL
  • NixOS
  • GitLab
  • Digital Ocean / Amazon EC2

How we work

  • Lean methodology: we use iterative strategies. Our team builds to add value, whether to solve problems for our clients or internal ones. 
  • Design thinking: we create simple prototypes and user tests because before we commit to building something, we need to understand what we’ll need. You will have the chance to be involved in this phase of the product design. However, if you prefer to just focus on coding, that’s fine with us too.
  • Flexible processes: forget about strict processes and structures. Our team is constantly in contact with stakeholders and we decide for ourselves how we are organized.
  • Quality: all the code we provide must be well-structured, efficient, and easy to maintain, however, we’re not obsessed with metrics. The best quality standard is for your coworkers to be able to understand your code and work with it. 
  • Open Source Philosophy: we use OSS when possible, and contribute our improvements back upstream. Once our codebase is mature enough, we plan to release the pieces that could be useful for the community.

What we look for

APlanet is a team of the best professionals in each area, with a shared passion for applying what we do best to help organisations create positive social and environmental impact.

You will work with each member of our product and tech team, defining and implementing the best solutions for our customers. Our ideal candidate should fit  most or at least some of the following requirements and characteristics:

  • A dynamic individual who takes pride in being involved in the full process of designing and constructing technological solutions.
  • Someone who worries about the scalability, performance, accessibility, and maintainability of the products we develop.
  • Experience using the frameworks mentioned above for Backend & Infrastructure (NodeJS, etc.), and/or for Frontends/PWAs (React, Redux, etc.), and/or in the standard HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Experience in related areas such as product design, visual design, etc. is a plus.
  • A capable and motivated individual who believes in our mission and our way of working. 

What we offer

We want you to join the team, grow and help us grow.

  • 100% remote work, work from home, or in our offices. Up to you!
  • A flexible work schedule. Work and personal life balance. It’s important for us that you enjoy your free time however you wish to spend it: with family, friends, pets, learning, hobbies, etc.
  • Professional and personal growth. Join a growing team, in a growing product and technology-centric company, in one of the coolest sectors right now. 
  • Your opinion matters. We involve everyone in the decision-making process. We’d love to hear your take on strategy, architecture or design.
  • Ongoing support for professional growth with days off for conferences and training programmes. 
  • A social mission and purpose in your day-to-day. Your work has a positive impact on our planet and in the lives of others.

Salary range

Salary ranges based on experience (open to negotiation):

  • Mid: 28.000€ – 36.000€.
  • Senior: 36.000€ – 50.000€.

Hiring process

Send us an email with your CV at [email protected]. We’d like to know why you are interested in joining APlanet, and what you can contribute to the team. If possible, send us some code samples or a portfolio so we can learn about your previous work.

Our Product and Technology team will conduct a couple of interviews:

  • The first interview will be just an informal meet and greet via phone or videoconference. 
  • The second interview will focus more on your technical skills. We’ll learn more about you and also give you more info about APlanet and how we work. And don’t panic! We won’t ask you about binary search algorithms or the best shape for a manhole cover.

We will give you timely feedback after every step of the hiring process.

Sound good? Get in touch!

Contact us at [email protected]. We try our best to respond to each candidate, however, depending on the volume of applications, it may not always be possible.